Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Odoo 9 Transport Order Module

This document describes process of Truck Loading and preparing Transport Order based on Delivery Order. Module Name: pts_transport_order Dependency of Module: Fleet Management , Inventory , Document, Sale .

Functional Details.

Direct Link to the Transport Report from delivery order.
2. Tree/List View of Transport Orders.
3. The newly created Transport Order will keep default values of respective Delivery Order automatically , also other transport orders can be added here.
4 . After filling required fields admin will approve the Transport Order and It will dynamically go to the Approved State and Send-by mail option will be visible .
5 . Transport Order PDF-Report.
6 . Calendar View of Transport Order showing Order no.,Scheduled Date and Pre/Postponed Date .
7 . Kanban View .
9. Customizable Analytical Reports in Pivot View .
10 . Any required documents and acknowledgements can be attach to a Transport Order from here .

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Odoo 9 - Payment Through Paypal Credit Card

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. Come up with another module “Payment Paypal CC” which will facilitate user to make payments On Paypal through Credit Card swipe. This is seamlessly integrated with the Odoo website module. It confirms payment without redirecting it to any other website.

1. Provision to define Client ID and Client Secret no. provided by the Paypal.

2. On odoo website users can select products of their choice

3. Once user is on payment screen they get option to pay through Paypal CC option

4. User need to provide credit card details in following screen

5. On Success full payment sales order gets confirmed

6. Payment details is captured against each of the payment transactions

Monday, July 18, 2016

Odoo 8 Customized Module ‘Invoice Picking Directly’


Customization of accounting module, from customer invoice and supplier invoice we can create delivery and receipts respectively.
Module Name: pts_invoice_picking_directly

Functional Details.

Delivery order from customer invoice :
1.In customer invoice we provide a option of selecting delivery address same as sale order. If delivery address is selected then picking is generated against selected partner otherwise picking is generated against customer.
2.We can create picking only when invoice is in open state (After invoice validation) because once invoice is validated no one can change content of invoice.
3.In open state invoice we provide button “Create Picking” that create Delivery order in inventory.
4. Here is a created delivery order.
5.IF we check move in details product goes from stock location to customer location.
6.If we come back to customer invoice there is another button for “view picking”
7.Click on “View Picking” button to view list of picking generated against invoice.
8.We maintain invoice information in picking .
Receipt order from Supplier invoice :
1. Same as customer invoice in Supplier we provide button “Create Picking” that is visible only if invoice is in open state, that create receipt order in inventory.
2.Here is a created receipt order.
3.If receipt order is created then another button “view picking” is visible and shows list of generated receipt order.

Friday, July 8, 2016

odoo 9 Insurance Management

The high demands by customers, increased stakeholder touchpoints, evolving regulatory compliances, and shrinking margins, needs a turnkey swing around factor – automation of your critical processes that delivers better efficiencies in long run. This is where our Odoo Open ERP expertise truly delivers on all fronts. Ease of use, extensive automation capabilities, and highly insightful reporting, are just a few competitive advantages your business receives with our solution meant exclusively for the insurance domain.

Configuration Consist of Contract Types, Expert Type Reports, Contract Clauses

User need to define all the clauses which has to be included in company’s insurance policy.

User can define the type of contracts which are present in company. This will include following:- Template product line, Template clauses, Specific Condition Attachment & Notes.


Template Product Line

User can define type of clause applied under contract

User can upload the document related to the contract.

User can maintain the Notes against the contract.

It is used for configuring expert report type extraction analysis.

System maintains the data of all customers

System can maintain all the data of Contracts made by customer.



System can maintain all the data of claim made by customer.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Biometric Device Integration with Odoo HR Timesheets

About Biometric

Biometrics are being used to establish better and accessible records of the hours employee's work. With the increase in "Buddy Punching" ( a case where employees clocked out coworkers and fraudulently inflated their work hours) employers have looked towards new technology like fingerprint recognition to reduce such fraud. Additionally, employers are also faced with the task of proper collection of data such as entry and exit times. Biometric devices make for largely foul proof and reliable ways of enabling to collect data as employees have to be present to enter biometric details which are unique to them.

User Management safescan Features
  2. Register USER or SUPERVISOR with fingerprints
  3. Register user with RFID Badge / KeyFob
  4. Register user with password
  5. Register user with Fingerprint and Password
  6. Register RFID Back-UP
  7. Register backup finger to an existing user (more than one FP for the same user)
  8. Tip for a successful use of the fingerprint sensor positioning of the finger
  9. Delete user account
  10. Delete user logs
  11. Delete all user data (including log data)
  12. Delete Supervisor or Admin accounts
  13. Reset the terminal

Safe Scan Biometric Device Configuration on Windows
Installed the safe scan software in windows system according the operating system bit 32/64 for the access biometric device and change setting for the data backup.

Start Safescan Application
Click on File Menu > Preferences
Choose Language, Action, Clock, Database Connection and Backup Location
Automatic Backup

Note:- Database backup connection .\xyz.fbd ( .fbd is a firebird database format)
If you want to access and view biometric data. Need to install firebird in windows system. Safe Configuration Details

Safe Scan Configuration Screen

Safe Scan Users In and Out Time data stored in Firebird Database

After Biometric Data Backup In Windows System Specification Location. We will need to write Script for the Connect Database and restore firebird database table from windows to Linux (Ubuntu Server).

Windows 8 Task Scheduler
Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Administrative Tools>Task Scheduler

Odoo installation and Configuration On Linux (Ubuntu)

Installed ubuntu 64 bit operating system
Installed postgres database
Installed firebird (open source database)
Installed All other required software and package for the odoo server.

Odoo provide HR Module for these configuration. You need to install and configure HR module.
And Check in Odoo Human Resources

Firebird database installed in ubuntu and configured the admin panel and access
Firebird Data Display

The FBD File is dumped using Windows Scheduler in to Ubuntu machine. Odoo Scheduler runs and picks up the FBD file. This file is parsed and the sign in and out time data is synced with Odoo HR module.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

With Odoo 8 HRMS module, Pragmatic has provided HRMS module which providesPayroll integration with Attendance and leave management and also some compliance reports are provided as per Indian localization.

Features of this module are as follows.
1) Attendance and leave management
2) Payroll
3) Compliance reports

1) Attendance and Leave management
a) Attendance module in Odoo captures attendance of employees by directly entering attendances in the system or importing attendance data from external sources (file import). Work schedules can be defined in the system which are to be linked to the employee contract. Half day limit (in hours), full day limit (in hours) and recess time can be defined in work schedule.

b) Leaves module in Odoo provides leave management functionality, where employee can requestleave which is required to be approved by manager. Leave types can be configured in the system and whether it is paid or unpaid leave also can be configured.

2) Payroll
a) Employee configurations:
Employee declaration for TDS:

b) Employee payslips
As per monthly attendance , approved leaves of the employee and salary structure, employee payslip for the month is generated. Several salary structures can be defined in the system. Salary structure contains salary rules such as HRA, DA, PF etc. Contribution register can be defined for each salary rule.

c)Payslip batches
Employee payslips can also be generated in batches ( For example monthly payslip for all employees).

3) Compliance reports:
2.1) PF report:
PF report is in csv format as per requirements of online ECR/challan generation.

2.2) ESIC report:
ESIC report is also in csv format as per requirements of online challan generation.

2.3) PT report:
Similarly PT report is also as per requirements of online challan generation.